Postgres Integration

I’ve added another working example of PHP Grid integration with Postgres 9.1.
It enables seamless CRUD operation for Postgres database applications.

NOTE: This working example is part of paid package.

Conditional Buttons in PHP Grid

I have added a feature, in which we can display data in that column based on some condition. Best applicable where we want to enable certain action if data of row met some specific condition, say total price < 100.

for e.g.

// use single quote for condition, and $row will have all columns data, to use in condition
$col[“condition”] = ‘$row[“total”] < 100’;

NOTE: Custom button and conditional display is currently part of paid package.

Released Version 1.4.6

I have releasedversion 1.4.6 for paid customers. It contains many new working samples and bug fixes.
Here is raw changelog to review. I’m also planning to package few more areas to free version also.

– Autofilter (dropdown option) (autofilter.php)
– Custom column (with buttons, image, etc) and passing row data as querystring (custom-button.php)
– Custom Layout for Add/Edit Dialogs (custom-layout.php)
– Search on page load (pre-selected filters) (search-onload.php)
– Data Lookup from other table (Combobox) (dropdown.php)
– Alternate Row Coloring (alternate-row.php)
– MSSQL DSN or ODBC sample (db-layer.php)
– Setting Colums for add/edit, not for listing (example-all.php)
– Localization example (localization.php)

Fixes & Minor Additions
– New Events (on_data_display for custom formating, on_after_insert) (custom-events.php)
– Action columns width fix (example-full.php)
– Grouping sample bug fix (short php tag) (grouping.php)
– Several notices and warning fixes
– Excel 2003 support added

New Website

PHP Grid Control jut got new home, a new shiny website ‘’. Previously it was being managed by blog I hope developers / engineers will find it more flexible.