When i switch development technology from ASP.net to PHP, I really miss the readymade controls like gridview, listview and others. For filling the shortcomings of PHP, I worked on a PHP based Grid Control, that is very easy to configure (simple as table mapping) and provides much much more functions as compared to ASP.net gridview (e.g. Add, Edit, Delete, Search, Sort, Pagination, Export, Master-Detail and many more).

Cutting short, this site have it for you. Here is a quick snapshot.

You can see the live working and screenshots from following links.

Demo Center

The default ASP.net gridview is something like this. Looks boring?

Good thing is with PHP Grid Control comes with good documentation and lots of ready made samples to play with. You can also get priority support and commercially opensource php code for a little cost.

Must check out control’s Demo Center and

Have fun and Good bye ASP.net gridview.