We recently added support for Firebird & SQLite Databases. These fast, slick and reliable databases will help in running portable apps with PHP Grid. Thanks to PDO library, it’s integration is very with little configuration changes.


// Database config for SQLite
$db_conf = array();
$db_conf["type"] = "pdo";
$db_conf["server"] = "sqlite:../../sampledb/northwind.sqlite";
$db_conf["user"] = "";
$db_conf["password"] = "";
$db_conf["database"] = "";
$g = new jqgrid($db_conf);



// Database config for Firebird
$db_conf = array();
$db_conf["type"] = "pdo";
$db_conf["server"] = "firebird:host=localhost;dbname=C:/sampledb/employee.fdb";
$db_conf["user"] = "SYSDBA";
$db_conf["password"] = "masterkey";
$db_conf["database"] = "";
$g = new jqgrid($db_conf);

Working demo code: http://www.phpgrid.org/demo/demos/loading/db-layer-firebird.phps

You will need to change database credentials and update tables/columns configuration as desired. Refer docs for help.

Licensed customers can request free upgrade using update link.
To download free license, visit download page.
To purchase license, you can visit this link.

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