August 2021 Release (version 2.8)

Welcome to the August 2021 release (version 2.8). There are many updates in this version that we hope you will like. It contains PHP 8 compatibility, UI Design Optimizations, Performance Optimizations, Security updates and Bug fixes. It also contains some new demos for better usability of data grid in your application. Highlights mentioned below.

Data Grid in Accordion Control

Now you can have multiple data grids inside accordion control. It’s best suited for multiple step process and to organize multiple modules on a single page.

Custom HTML Listing Layout

This feature allow you to display each record with customized layout with html code and fields placeholders.

Improved Database Table Editor

This tool enables you to quickly perform DML operations on a database defined in the code configuration.

RSS Reader using DataGrid

This demo loads the RSS feed into an array to be used as a data-source of data grid.

Data Import Progress Bar

Progress bar was a demanding feature when we importing large dataset.

Open Street Maps Integration

Like Google maps, you can also use Open Street maps and use the parameters of lat/lng from database using field placeholders.

Improved Tree Grid


  • PHP 8.0 compatibility, updated related libraries
  • UI and Design improvements
  • Security updates: sanitizations added
  • Custom HTML layout on Datagrid List View
  • Demo to persist grid setting in database
  • Demo to integrate open street maps integration
  • Import feature now show progress-bar & column match probability setting while import mapping
  • Global search when multiple words typed will now narrow down searches
  • Optimized Tree grid Demo (parent selection via lookup dropdown)
  • Lookup option in dropdown (show lookup by just FK table, FK-id, FK-label)
  • Added demo for Read-only grid, Plain Html UI grid, Responsive grid with horizontal scroll

This also contains over 70 reported bug fixes and updates.

Integration with Code Igniter 4.0 and Laravel 8.0 is also in testing phase and will be released soon as a separate update.

Next Actions:

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PHP 8 Support

PHP 8 has been released some time ago and had some breaking changes. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to provide support for all our libraries so that upgrading to PHP 8 with Grid 4 PHP Framework is easy.

The licensed version update is available now and free version packaging is in progress which will be published soon.

Active License Subscription customers can get update using this link.

Using PHP Grid Framework in WordPress

As popularity of WordPress is growing really fast, we’ve published a new simplified tutorial on how to integrate Grid 4 PHP Framework with WordPress Sites. It allows using all features of our Data Grid inside WordPress and much simpler than previous implementations. Steps required to integrate are following:

Updated 20-Oct-2020: New revised tutorial support data-grid custom event handlers as well.

Step1: Download Free version or Buy package from  our website (if not already done) and move “lib” folder from package in your WordPress root directory, and rename “lib” folder as “phpgrid”

and inside this folder the contents should be:

Step2: Install wordpress plugin “Code Snippets By Shea Bunge” from // OR download from Github Repository and install manually.

Step3: Goto admin panel and click Add Snippet as in image. Add any title you like and in code section, copy paste this Sample Snippet Grid Code in code section shown below:

Step4: In this code, we have created a shortcode here with name: [phpgrid-users] so we will now place it on page where we want to show our Datagrid.

Result: Now Save the page and open / preview it, you will get the datagrid.

Adding Grid in WordPress Admin Area

Following steps will be required to make shortcode available in admin area – plugin development.

Step1: Add admin_init & admin_footer hook along with others.

Step2: Select ‘Run Snippet everywhere’ after snippet code block.

Step3: Call do_shortcode() function where you want to show datagrid.


Next Actions: You can create more snippets a (step3) by copying code from package demos and assign new unique shortcode for each grid which can be placed on your page/post of WordPress.

Let us know your feedback. If you have any questions, contact our support center.

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Lookup Item Addition in Runtime


Now you can a new option in lookup dropdown without going on other screen (via lookup datagrid and popup). See screencast below.
The working demo can be checked online and full version package in demos/appearance/dropdown.


Next Actions:

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Customized List Layout for Mobile Devices

Hello All,

For small screen/mobile devices, we have further optimized responsive data-grid view.

You can also have customized way to show row data in single column on small screens. You can change it’s layout with HTML/CSS code and use placeholders e.g. {unit_price} to show field names content where you want to display.

If any column is hidden by responsive behavior (screen size detection) of data-grid OR manually set to be hidden on certain screen size, then a last column with ellipsis “…” will be displayed to show hidden details.

Next Actions:

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PS: Special thanks to our customer Robert Childers for suggestions & feedback.


September 2019 Release (version 2.6.3)

Welcome to the release of this month. In this release which we have made several new updates and fixes on last version. Highlights mentioned below. It also contains important security updates.


Multiple Columns Sorting

In case of multi sort when first time clicked the sort is asc (or descending) the next click sort to
opposite direction the third click of the column remove the sorting from that column. Your first column must have
similar records to see the change of second level sorting and onwards.

It is disabled by default, you can enable it by:

$opt["multiSort"] = true;
// ...

HTML Export

With this export option, you can use your data-grid data to be used in various other apps like Google Sheets, G-Docs, MS Word etc.
To enable it, refer export section in documentation.

Exact Match in Global Search

To do exact search in global search, you can enclose your query text in double quotes “…”.

Demo App: Simple RSS Reader

Added a basic RSS reader application which fetches RSS feed provided by user and show in data grid.

Refer demos/apps/rss-reader.php for working demo and code.

Filtered Results notification

For working demo, refer demos/search/search-template.php in your downloaded package or online demos.

Added How-To Guides to integrate in WordPress & Joomla

Refer these links for more details:

Custom Tooltip & Help hints for Columns:

With each column, you can now set custom tooltip / help text. E.g.

$col["tooltip"] = "Custom Tooltip for Company Name";

Vertical Column Headers Layout:

In dialogs of Add or Edit, you can add column headers in multi-column layout mode.

Optimized mobile menu layout

On mobile devices, it will show toolbar options on multiple lines when increased.

Debugging SQL Queries:

By enabling `debug_sql` or `debug_search` configuration, you will see SQL queries being sent to database in error message box.

In order to debug SQL queries, set:

$g->debug_sql = 1;

In order to debug Search queries, set:

$g->debug_search = 1;

You can also close error box by clicking ‘x’ and continue next debug step.

Notable Fixes & Updates:

– Additional security checks added for add/edit/delete operations.
– Fix for treegrid display in new version
– Excel mode checkbox, drodown ui fixed
– Skip global search in persistence filter search
– Override column chooser display on responsive autohide column
– Replaced rawgit -> jsdelivr links from demos
– Custom separator/delim for get_dropdown_values function
– Fixed import function in subgrid
– Mobile fix for top menu overlap
– Fixed file upload in direct add form
– Column header tooltip enabled for all
– Make responsive inner subgrid
– isnull (null) columns support added in import
– Auto scroll to top on next page
– Updated tooltip multilingual for row actions
– other 25 minor updates.

Next Actions:

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Using PHP Grid Framework in Joomla

We’ve published a new tutorial on how to integrate PHP Grid Framework with Joomla 3.9.8. It allows using all features of our Data Grid inside Joomla and with much simpler implementations. Steps required to integrate are following:

Step1: Download Free version or Buy package from  our website (if not already done) and move “lib” folder from package in your Joomla root directory, and rename “lib” folder as “phpgrid”.

Step2: Create a new file ‘demo.php‘ inside ‘phpgrid’ folder and copy paste joomla code snippet from here.

Step3: Install Joomla extension “Sourcerer (free version) By RegularLabs” from Here OR download from our Github Repository. No need to buy Pro Version.

Step4: Now after installing this extension, edit the article where you want to display grid and include the demo.php file using sourcerer php syntax:

<?php require_once JPATH_ROOT.'/phpgrid/demo.php'; ?>

Step5: A modifications which will allow PHP Grid to perform ADD and EDIT operations inside of Joomla. Edit Joomla ‘index.php‘ file in root folder and

For Joomla 4, Paste the code below immediately before this line:

// Run the application – All executable code should be triggered through this file
require_once dirname (__ FILE__). ‘/includes/app.php’;

and For Joomla 3 or before, Paste the code before this line:


This is the code to paste in index.php:

// Joomla will read the REQUEST array and the router gets confused when data grid posts data
// the data is still in the POST array so removing it this does no harm to Grid PHP
if (isset($_POST['id'])){

Result: Now Save the article and open it in browser, you will get the demo datagrid.

Next Actions: You can create more grid php files (like in step2) by copying code from package demos and include them using sourcerer syntax (step4) on your desired article of Joomla.

Let us know your feedback. If you have any questions, contact our support center.

Active License Subscription customers can get free upgrade using this link.

PS: Special thanks to Doug Lawson for his contribution in this tutorial.

Demo Application: Todo List

To show some basic features of php grid framework, we created a very simple demo of “todo list” and following features are used:

  • Bootstrap 4 + Mobile sidebar filter menu
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Custom delete event callback for soft delete
  • External Search form (date range, text, priority filters)
  • Checkbox with default edit mode
  • Export to Excel

Desktop screen:

Mobile screen:

Next actions:

Basic Authentication for PHP Grid

On some cases, we just want to password protect our page without including the hassle of heavy frameworks (like Laravel, Yii, Symfony etc) and databases. This solution works without any database and have credentials hard-coded in authentication file. You can add or modify accounts by changing php array values. Refer comments inside file for configuration options.

Download basic authentication include file here.
(save it as auth.php)

Step 1) Include “auth.php” file on page which need to be password protected. Include before any output / echo and at start of code. Adjust include path accordingly where you place the file.

Step 2) Configure user/pass by editing auth.php – e.g. ‘username’ => ‘password’. You can also set after logout url. e.g. your login page url.

Result: Now when you access protected page, you will get following login screen. Entering user/password will allow you the access.

To Logout, access same grid page with logout=1 query-string param. e.g.
Feel free to change the appearance by modifying css files and hacking html code.

Download basic authentication include file here.
(save it as auth.php)

New Documentation Site

Another update for all, we just launched our new documentation section to improve usability and better understanding of our product (PHP Grid Framework). The new documentation site is categorized in content sections on left with a search box on top right. There is also a live chat / email message box on bottom right. To go to parent website use main site link on top.

The most impressive feature is ‘quick search’ which is super fast (powered by lunr-js) and fetch results from every section of documentation in no time.

Share you feedback and improvement suggestions as well.
Happy coding.