Column based Formatting


Just added new formatting feature, Column Color Formatting, which enables you to set color and css style of some specific column of grid just like we do in excel.

// if nothing set in ‘op’ and ‘value’, it will set column formatting for all cell
$f = array();
$f[“column”] = “invdate”;
$f[“css”] = “‘background-color’:’#FBEC88′, ‘border-color’: ‘black’, ‘color’:’black'”;
$f_conditions[] = $f;

Autocomplete feature

I recently added autocomplete feature in PHP Grid control, which enabled the features like DB driven type ahead and autocomplete by database lookup query. Very useful if you have a dropdown with a lot of data coming from database and searching is only there by scrolling, you can simple plug that out and integrate autocomplete with same DB query.

Integration steps will be there in Docs.

Step1: Select ID and Data both in select command. (e.g. client_id,

$g->select_command = "SELECT id, invdate, invheader.client_id, as cid, amount, note FROM invheader
INNER JOIN clients on clients.client_id = invheader.client_id

Step2: Place ID field in grid, editable but hidden.

// field that will be updated by autocomplete
$col = array();
$col["title"] = "client_id";
$col["name"] = "client_id";
$col["width"] = "10";
$col["editable"] = true;
$col["hidden"] = true;
$cols[] = $col;

Step3: Place DATA field in grid, with autocomplete formatter.

// normal textbox, with autocomplete enabled
$col = array();
$col["title"] = "Client";
$col["name"] = "cid";
$col["dbname"] = ""; // this is required as we need to search in name field, not id
$col["width"] = "100";
$col["align"] = "left";
$col["search"] = true;
$col["editable"] = true;
$col["formatter"] = "autocomplete"; // autocomplete
$col["formatoptions"] = array( "sql"=>"SELECT client_id, name FROM clients",
"update_field" => "client_id");

It will search in passed SQL for autocomplete, and selection ID will be set in field client_id.

Released version v1.4.8 (for premium customers)

I’ve released a new version for premium customers covering several features and fixes. Here are the updates.

Screenshots are available at g+ page. Here is direct link,
You can see them in live at Demo Center.

– HTML editor integration (editing/html-editor.php)
– FancyBox integration (appearence/fancy-box.php)
– Loading Grid from phpArray
– Conditional formatting (appearence/conditional-formatting.php)
– Conditional Data display (appearence/conditional-data.php)
– Controlling multiple detail grids from master
– Server side validation (editing/server-validation.php)
– Custom client side validation (editing/js-validation.php)
– Custom toolbar button (appearence/toolbar-button.php)
– Export to CSV
– Date Time picker control
– Open grid in edit mode by default
– Added more themes (appearence/themes.php)
– Add Data Grouping example
– MySQLi support added

– Security fix for demo center
– Null field setting option (isnull)
– Fix for external-link, now working on edit
– Added >,<,>=,<=,!= operators in conditional css formatting
– Changed variable name of data passed from master grid (new:rowid, old:id)
– Sort order fix, when none is specified
– Date format fix when inserted in mysql
– Disabled dblclick, when rowaction is off
– Memory issues in PDF lib fixed (tcpdf)
– Row edit fix for edit only / delete only option in grid
– Demo center fix for IE

PHP Gridview v/s Gridview

When i switch development technology from to PHP, I really miss the readymade controls like gridview, listview and others. For filling the shortcomings of PHP, I worked on a PHP based Grid Control, that is very easy to configure (simple as table mapping) and provides much much more functions as compared to gridview (e.g. Add, Edit, Delete, Search, Sort, Pagination, Export, Master-Detail and many more).

Cutting short, this site have it for you. Here is a quick snapshot.

You can see the live working and screenshots from following links.

Demo Center

The default gridview is something like this. Looks boring haan? (smile)

Good thing is with PHP Grid Control comes with good documentation and lots of ready made samples to play with. You can also get priority support and commecially opensource php code for a little cost.

Must check out control’s Demo Center and
Screenshots .

Have fun and Good bye gridview.

Load Grid from Array Data

After several requests from valuable customer, i’ve added option to display php grid from php array data as input (no database connection required).

It’s usage is very simple. Suppose you have an array, then all you have to do is to pass it in table parameter. See code sample below. Do consider the format of array should be consistent as it is in example (data and colums may change).

$name = array('Pepsi 1.5 Litre', 'Sprite 1.5 Litre', 'Cocacola 1.5 Litre', 'Dew 1.5 Litre', 'Nestle 1.5 Litre');
for ($i = 0; $i < 200; $i++)
    $data[$i]['id']    = $i+1;
    $data[$i]['code']    = $name[rand(0, 4)][0].($i+5);
    $data[$i]['name']    = $name[rand(0, 4)];
    $data[$i]['cost']    = rand(0, 100)." USD";
    $data[$i]['quantity'] = rand(0, 100);
    $data[$i]['discontinued'] = rand(0, 1);
    $data[$i]['email'] = 'buyer_'. rand(0, 100) .'';
    $data[$i]['notes'] = '';

// pass data in table param for local array grid display
$g->table = $data;

This will show the grid in read only mode, and options like search, sorting and paging will be available. You can also use custom formatter to change display of data in grid, for e.g. making hyperlink or show as tag etc. Working example included in package.