DIMITRI asked 2 years ago


It looks like some problems exist for search. When I using search function (typing keywords in the field) this error occuers:

"undefined searchField in php_dist, next row:"
$fld = $this->escape_string($_REQUEST['searchField']);

["grid_id"]=> string(5) "list2"
["_search"]=> string(4) "true"
["nd"]=> string(13) "1506591962755"
["rows"]=> string(2) "20"
["jqgrid_page"]=> string(1) "1"
["sidx"]=> string(8) "id_image"
["sord"]=> string(4) "desc"
["filters"]=> string(123)

script works when changing code to:

//$fld = $this->escape_string($_REQUEST['searchField']);
$past = json_decode ($_REQUEST['filters'],true);
$fld = $past['rules'][0]['field'];


//$fldata = $this->escape_string($_REQUEST['searchString']); //undefined searchString
$fldata = $past['rules'][0]['data'];


// $foper = $this->strip($_REQUEST['searchOper']); // undefined searchOper
$foper = $past['rules'][0]['op'];

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Abu Ghufran answered 2 years ago

I am unable to generate this issue.
If you can generate this issue on live (, please let me know the steps.

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