Multiple drop down column filter doesn't work

QuestionsMultiple drop down column filter doesn't work
Rajeev asked 4 years ago

I have a column called group_id as 1,4 in database..
While showing in grid it will show as aaa,bbb by on_data_display function

while searching in filter as "aaa" it works

filter as bbb it doesn't work.

next value after , doesn't work.

2 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 4 years ago

You can make dropdown in search autofilter, which shows aaa,bbb etc and search 1-4 values in db.

$col["stype"] = "select";
$col["searchoptions"] = array("value" => ":;1:aaa;2:bbb;3:ccc;4:ddd");
$cols[] = $col;

If you need open text field in search, you can use:

$col["dbname"] = "if(group_id='aaa',1, if(group_id='bbb',2, if(group_id='ccc',3,4)))";

This dbname field is replaced in WHERE clause for specified column search.

Rajeev answered 4 years ago

Thanks for reply, i changed the specified column search to id field and enabled multi select search with "cn" option it works.

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