How to change value on the fly

QuestionsHow to change value on the fly
Birger Lehner asked 3 years ago


I have sen you login data for my site.

I need to display a string rather then the actual value from database (which is INT). How can I do this?


value = 0 then value = “no”

value = 1 then value = “yes”

value = 3 then value = “not decided”

Should I do a select inside a select and create a table with INT => string?

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pavlos nikiforidis answered 3 years ago

$col[“editoptions”][“value”] = “3:not decided;1:yes;0:no”;

line 220

BiLe answered 3 years ago

Perfect. Thank you Sir.

I have added:

$col[“formatter”] = “select”;
$col[“editoptions”][“value”] = “0:no;1:yes”;

Works like a charme.

Note: Check if the code has correct quotes when you copy paste.

BiLe answered 3 years ago

Is there away to export the select as well, instead of the INT?

Abu Ghufran Staff answered 3 years ago


I’ve emailed you latest build that contains the fix of it.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
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