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Lucien Jarrett asked 11 years ago

I am trying to evaluate your plugin before i buy it but unable to get it working to display data in a page or post.

I have already uploaded the plugin, created the lib folder and added the contents of a zip file emailed to me in that file.

When i attempt to use the short codes on a page nothing happens. Please note that i am a complete beginner so pardon my ignorance.

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Abu Ghufran answered 11 years ago

For the emailed version … follow these steps.

1) Disable any previously used phpgrid plugins.
2) Upload & Extract the archive in plugins folder of wordpress
3) Enable and add shortcode in page.

You can modify table names and other properties in plugins/phpgrid/phpgrid.php file.No option for shortcode attributes now.

No need for lib folder creation and other stuff.

Lucien Jarrett answered 11 years ago

Hi Abu Ghufran,
I got the grid to show but it has no data in there. How can i resolve this. The site crashes if i dont include the lib folder, ihave changed the permalink setting to default.

Abu Ghufran answered 11 years ago

Please make sure you have changed the database connection settings in phpgrid.php plugin file.

You can also debug via firebug as mentioned here.

Lucien Jarrett answered 11 years ago

When i run the firebug tool i am able to see the data in the table in the JSON format. It wont display in the grid however.

Abu Ghufran answered 11 years ago

Please send me the link if it is online OR send me few screenshots / code.
It's difficult to guess the issue if ajax is returning JSON.

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