Unable to add/update rows in the example index.php

QuestionsUnable to add/update rows in the example index.php
David asked 6 years ago

Dear All,

I just downloaded the free PHP Grid version. Unzipped it on a folder on the webserver, and then edited index.php to point to a local MySQL database I already have.

Then I point my web browster to index.php and it wonderfuly displays all the rows.

However, whenever I try to add a new record or modify an existing one, it doesn't work. I don't see any error neither on the browser or the phplog, but the mysql record just don't get updated.

I tried to update it via mysql commandline and it works.

Could someone please give me some help ?


2 Answers
David answered 6 years ago

OK, I've managed to debug the error with FIREBUG. It says :

Couldn't execute query. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Group,Year,Construct,Oligos,Comments) VALUES ('3RRR','','','','','','','','','',' at line 1 – INSERT INTO proteins (PDBID,ProteinName,Abbr,Family,Organism,Res,LigType,Ligand,Water,GProt,Group,Year,Construct,Oligos,Comments) VALUES ('3RRR','','','','','','','','','','','','','','')

Why is that ? How can I keep debugging this ?

David answered 6 years ago

Well, sorry for this. I've found the problem. One of my columns is using a MySQL reserved word.

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