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Steve Krause asked 10 years ago

Hello, I just purchased the Premium package so I can get a head start on making Grids with Sub Grids.

My first question, and maybe I should have asked before buying, but I have a need to make SubGrids from about 10 different tables in a MySql DB at the same level. All of the examples I am seeing on this allow me to create a new SubGrid, but it is expecting that it already knows what table I am going to be putting in it. In my case I want to allow the user to add say a Purchased Part or Perhaps a Manufactured Part or perhaps the user wants to add several different types of purchased parts, each of these would have different parameters so they can't be in the same table.

Then as if that is not bad enough, this scheme must carry all the way to allow nesting of all of these elements in almost any order.

Can this be done? What is the best way to start? Are there any smart chaps out there that would be willing to put together such a monster for a price and I could maintain it?

Thanks in advance

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Abu Ghufran answered 10 years ago


Multiple subgrids at same level are not supported right now. Alternate solution would be to have master-detail grids that allow multiple details grid for a single master grid. In several detail grids, you can different tables binded with each of them.

If you are looking for somethiing like following, it is not currently supported. However i can put it in todos for new builds.


Steve Krause answered 10 years ago

Unfortunately an implementation using the first picture would not be a possible solution for me,

Your second picture is the exact solution that I am needing to implement,,,

Time is a critical factor for me on this project, I cannot wait months or even weeks, is there a way to push the implementation of the later solution up on the priority list? I am not opposed to funding the development.

Abu Ghufran answered 10 years ago


The requested feature can be done instantly,
I'll be sending you a demo files via email.


Philip answered 8 years ago

I'd like to see the same demo files please


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