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Gianluca asked 3 months ago


can someone give me basic tips for handling subgrid & multiple tab grid on laravel.

I don’t understand if I need more controllers and more blade view.


Thank in advance

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Abu Ghufran Staff answered 3 months ago

You can make multiple tabs grid same way as you make single grid in laravel (controller/view).

You only need to prepare $out1 $out2 $out3 etc in controller by calling multiple $g->render() function and pass all of them to view. Then put tabs html in blade view and echo respective $out variables in tab DIV tags.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
gianluca answered 3 months ago

Thanks Abu,

and what about subgrid?

I’m trying join your laravel example with subgrid demos, without success

Abu answered 3 months ago

Emailed you demo code.

Samsun answered 3 months ago

Hey Mr Gianluca, May be you use multi tab with ajax, wher every tab with url link. every tab is one grid/method. I use this methode in Codeigniter use librrary Regards, Samsun

Abu Ghufran Staff answered 3 months ago

Resolved via remote session.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
Raghu answered 2 weeks ago

I am facing the issue with Subgrid in laravel. It always says subgrid file not found. Even all path are correct. Can you please help us.

Abu Ghufran Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Continuing the guide:

To enable subgrid, process is simple:

Step1: Add subgrid method / config in controller. See attached file WelcomeController.php 47-47, 71-97

Step2: Add subgrid routes, routes/web.php
Route::get(‘/indexDetail’, ‘[email protected]’);
Route::post(‘/indexDetail’, ‘[email protected]’);

Step3: Add view for subgrid, detail.blade.php (used in WelcomeController.php line 96)

Files source code:

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
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