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QuestionsShow autocomplete options on focus or mousover
pcattani asked 3 years ago

I am trying to get the autocomplete options to show on first focus.

Options show when I delete all the text from a field, but not when I click into a new field.


I already have this:

$col[“editoptions”][“onfocus”] = “$( ‘#office’ ).autocomplete( { search: ”, minLength: 0 } );”;


Which shows all the options without any beginning criteria.   The problem is I can’t get the list to show as soon as the user clicks in to the field.

I investigated a few options here:


But I couldn’t get the input box to respond.


Is there a grid4php option to show autocomplete options the minute a cursor is in an input field?  Or failing that, mouseover?


Thanks in advance.

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Abu Ghufran Staff answered 3 years ago


Instead on onfocus, try using this event on afterShowForm event. e.g. for field with name as ‘office’

$grid["add_options"]["afterShowForm"] = "function (form) 
			// for first load without focus
			$('#office').autocomplete('search', '');

			// on focus of field
			$('#office').on('focus',function(){ $(this).autocomplete('search', ''); });
Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
Abu Ghufran Staff replied 3 years ago

You can use same setting for
$grid[“edit_options”][“afterShowForm”] = “…”;

And finally $g->set_options($grid);

pcattani answered 3 years ago

That works beautifully, thanks!


I just had to do one tweek and change 100ms to 1000ms because I was getting a JS error:


Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on autocomplete prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘search’.


Now all potential select values are shown whenever someone clicks inside the field.

pcattani answered 3 years ago

Update for people who are using this autocomplete (combobox-like solution):


I was having an issue with a field which refused to show all values onFocus.  The solution was to change the search parameter to include a space:


$(‘#myfield’).on(‘focus’,function(){ $(this).autocomplete(‘search’, ‘ ‘); });


This works, although for some reason, when I applied this to first load without focus, the values actually popped up just by scrolling the form.  So I removed this part:


// for first load without focus

$(‘#myfield’).autocomplete(‘search’, ”);


And the results seem to be operationally the same.  There was no noticable difference in drop-down time.



pcattani answered 3 years ago

Ignore all of that.  I had my: $col[“editoptions”][“onfocus”]  configured wrong.

Juan P answered 2 years ago

What is the correct configuration that works for you?

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