Setting a column to be ignored in insert query.

QuestionsSetting a column to be ignored in insert query.
Juan Antonio Palacios asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Abu,

Currently i have a working Grid that uses a virtual (non-db) column to display a message inside the add and edit dialogs. The important parameters of the configuration are the following:

$col[“title”] = “WARNING:”; //the content of the field is set in the afterShowForm function
$col[“name”] = “virtual_col”;
$col[“show”] = array(“view”=>false, “add”=>true, “edit”=>true, “list”=>false);
$col[“editoptions”] = array(“readonly”=>”readonly”, “style”=>”border:0”);

When I try to update any row, the DB expectedly returns the error: “Unknown column ‘virtual_col’ in ‘field list’
I suppose I can work around that error defining on_insert and on_update functions and not including ‘virtual_col’ to be used in the custom query, is there an easier way to solve this? I have a lot of columns in that Grid, so the functions would be pretty big and I’d avoid that approach if it’s possible.

Thanks in advance

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Mike answered 1 week ago

Turn-of the Add and Edit options – you have them set:

$col[“show”] = array(“view”=>false, “add”=>false, “edit”=>false, “list”=>false);

If you are looking to see the field, but not edit it in the pop-up form, you could also use

$col[“editable”] = false;





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