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Tomasz Wozny asked 11 years ago

Hello, I would like that my just inserted row in the grid was automatically selected after refreshing the grid. How to make this?

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Abu Ghufran answered 11 years ago


It's not supported now. I'll check if we can highlight the newly inserted row so as to show the change in listing.

kim answered 10 years ago

is this supported as of current? November 3, 2014.
if yes, what is code?

Abu Ghufran answered 10 years ago

If you wish to show highlight effect, you can include jquery ui script,

<script src="//"></script>

And have highlight code in afterComplete:

$opt["add_options"]["afterComplete"] = "function (response, postdata) { r = JSON.parse(response.responseText); jQuery('#','#list1').effect('highlight', {color:'yellow'}, 2000); }";

A condition that new record should come in grid list, You can sort grid to decending id, to show newly added record on top of grid.

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