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Ira Rabinowitz asked 8 years ago

This is an old MSACCESS program. I am trying to rewrite it as a web application. Please see the image of the MSACCESS screen.

It is 3 master detail records. A customer can have many sites. A site can have many jobs. There is a memo fields belonging to the customer, site and job records (Customer Notes, Site Notes, Job Date, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5).

The records are not presented in a grid rather the full detail record is displayed. When the Custom record is changed (next previous, or using the customer lookup) the first site record associated with that customer is displayed and the first job associated with that site. When the site record is changed, the first job for that site is displayed.

Can PHP Grid Premium do this using MySQL?

Thank you

5 Answers
Ira Rabinowitz answered 8 years ago
Abu Ghufran answered 8 years ago

Closest solution would be to use nested master detail option OR subgrid function.

This shows listing at first screen, and you can click and edit selected row.

BUT, we've not tested this app with old ms access database. If you still need to use that db … then i would first recommend to test it with free version, using odbc driver.

PS: Please use one channel for a query if again required.: Email or Forum.

Ira Rabinowitz answered 8 years ago


Thank you. I conveted the database to MySQL so I don't need MS Access.

I need to display the whole record not a grid with rows. Can I display the whole record as a webform?

Abu Ghufran answered 8 years ago


That's not doable right now. I'd recommend to search for some alternate solution.

Ira Rabinowitz answered 8 years ago


Thank you for your response

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