No such method: groupingCalculations.handler

QuestionsNo such method: groupingCalculations.handler
Mike Sheppard asked 5 years ago

I use a persist-settings on reports and am now trying to add a Group Summary field.

Grouping works fine, but when I add the Summary Type:

$col["summaryType"] = "sum";

I get an error reported:
jqGrid.state.js:379 – Uncaught jqGrid – No such method: groupingCalculations.handler

Do I need to download/buy a new update?

It looks to be by design of the jqGrid.state.js where-by it's halting the script and throwing an error if it can't find the object it's trying to save the state-of. In my case – I would never need to save the state of the grouping list – but I can't find a way around this.

Any suggestions? I can remove the persist settings section and jqgrid.state.js but then the report is not as useful (with persist settings).

Thanks for any assistance.


3 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

Hi Mike,

We're still unable to resolve this grouping/state issue and was taking a lot of time.
I would advise to wait till it resolve and then buy the update.

PS: Your last ticket is also in our review processs and still open.

Michael Bawden answered 5 years ago

Thanks, Abu!

I didn't realize it was still open and thought I would open a new thread to find-out.

I've had no-other issues at all and have a rather heavily customized system now – things work very, very well.

We have full database storage for persist settings working including options for saving and loading custom layouts! The users love being able to modify the layout temporarily and being able to recall them.



Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

I've updated / fixed the state persistence code to work with grouping.
Kindly use this plugin file in your code and remove previously included jqGrid.state.js:

<script src="; type="text/javascript"></script>

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