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Glenn asked 5 years ago

Looking for a way to click a button and have the master record move to the next record.
By moving to the next record it would then update all the detail records automatically.


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Abu Ghufran answered 5 years ago

You can refer this link, and bind on some button click event.

var grid = $("#grid").jqGrid({…}); with your grid id,
var grid = $("#list1");

Abdullah answered 5 years ago

Abu, could you create example? Thanks.

Glenn answered 5 years ago

Thanks Abu,

Unfortunately I could not get it working.
To test it I also updated your master-detail.php demo with the below code.
The code below is the same as the stackoverflow except the list1 change.

<input type="button" value="Next" id="btnNext">

$('#btnNext').click(function () {

var grid = $("#list1").jqGrid({…});

var selectedRow = grid.getGridParam('selrow');
if (selectedRow == null) return;

var ids = grid.getDataIDs();
var index = grid.getInd(selectedRow);

if (ids.length < 2) return;
if (index > ids.length)
index = 1;
grid.setSelection(ids[index – 1], true);



Glenn answered 5 years ago

My bad.
I took another look right after I sent the email.
Changed the line like you said and it works like a charm.
var grid = $("#list1").jqGrid();

Thank You Abu!

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