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Questionsmodal form in subgrid
Alex asked 6 years ago

when i use modal form in subgrid, i makes modal only the subgrid, how can i make modal including the parent grid?

2 Answers
Alex answered 6 years ago

i had this code:
$grid["add_options"]["jqModal"] = true;
$grid["edit_options"]["jqModal"] = true;

$grid["add_options"] = array('width'=>'640','height'=>'300',"dataheight"=>'250',"recreateForm"=>true);
$grid["edit_options"] = array('width'=>'640','height'=>'300',"dataheight"=>'250',"recreateForm"=>true);

now is working the modal form with this code

//$grid["add_options"]["jqModal"] = true; //disabled
//$grid["edit_options"]["jqModal"] = true; //disabled

$grid["add_options"] = array('width'=>'640','height'=>'300',"dataheight"=>'250',"recreateForm"=>true,"jqModal"=>true);
$grid["edit_options"] = array('width'=>'640','height'=>'300',"dataheight"=>'250',"recreateForm"=>true,"jqModal"=>true);

however, when i click outside form it closes.

Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago

Subgrid modal covers parent grid too.
May be you need latest build for this change, and i am emailing you.

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