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Abed asked 9 years ago

Hello Abu,

I have a master and detail form and trying to refresh the master grid when making changes on detail. I used the following setting:

$grid["onAfterSave"] = "function(){ jQuery('#list1').trigger('reloadGrid',[{jqgrid_page:1}]); }";
$grid["add_options"]["afterSubmit"] = "function(){jQuery('#list1').trigger('reloadGrid',[{jqgrid_page:1}]); return [true, ''];}";
$grid["edit_options"]["afterSubmit"] = "function(){jQuery('#list1').trigger('reloadGrid',[{jqgrid_page:1}]); return [true, ''];}";
$grid["delete_options"]["afterSubmit"] = "function(){jQuery('#list1').trigger('reloadGrid',[{jqgrid_page:1}]); return [true, ''];}";

I can refresh master grid when deleting and inserting new rows to detail grid and everything works fine. The only problem is that the master does not refresh when I click on save button on the action menu in the button of sub grid. (The refresh works when I hit enter in the rows after editing and also it works when using edit dialog). I guess the jquery code for refreshing is not assigned to the save button on the action menu on the bottom bar of the grid. I appreciate if you help.

3 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

Emailed you updated lib and working demo.

Patricia Lawson answered 9 years ago

Can we all get the solution to this problem? I want to refresh values in the Master grid after deleting a row in the detail grid.

Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

Following code should work.

$grid["delete_options"]["afterSubmit"] = "function(){jQuery('#list1').trigger('reloadGrid',[{jqgrid_page:1}]); return [true, ''];}";

Where, $g is detail grid object, and list1 is master grid id.

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