Locking Rows based on a column value

QuestionsLocking Rows based on a column value
Daniel Behringer asked 11 months ago

First of all, great framework, I love to use it and to learn more and more of it. Thank you for your work making it.

This might be very easy questions, but how can I prevent row editing based on a column (called “locked”) value?

I have around 100 columns of data that must be displayed at all times, however, only the unlocked (no checkmark) rows should be accessible for editing and saving for the user.

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Vygandas answered 11 months ago

Just add
$grid[“loadComplete”] = “function(ids) { do_onload(ids); }”

With JS function then disable checkbox like that (#jqg_list1_2212 is some id  or list1 f.e.):

function do_onload(id)
$( “#jqg_list1_2212” ).prop(‘disabled’, ‘true’);


Abu Ghufran Staff answered 11 months ago

Please review column-access code. It connects on load, dblclick, select events with a callback function and disable rows based on certain row data.

Code: https://www.gridphp.com/demo/demos/editing/column-access.phps Demo: https://www.gridphp.com/demo/demos/editing/column-access.php

E.g. This code blocks editing if gender=male.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
Dániel Behringer answered 10 months ago

Thank you for all the answers, especially yours Abu. I went through your code and figured out the best way to implement the edit prevention, and it works as intended!

Thank you again for your kind help, really appreciate it.





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