joomla, balbooa forms 2 records stored in a single text field and some

Questionsjoomla, balbooa forms 2 records stored in a single text field and some
Speedclinic asked 2 years ago


I am currently looking for an editable grid view, such as yours.

I have already implemented the free version with an Joomla article, which will show nice. I have linked a menu item directly to my article.


Do I need the Regularlabs Pro version, in order to show the grid with a custom joomla module? I would like to place my module with gridbox pagebuilder.


Another question: Balbooa Forms 2 will store all form data in a single text field…

Enter Field Title|-_-|[email protected]|-_-|input_-_Enter Field Title|-_-||-_-|

Would it be possible to explode the string and use every data field as a column in grid?

How about editing and saving? I need to save the data in the same format.


Is there a way to use a slider inside the grid? I will need this for setting a price.


  • Field Value => 3.45 $
  • Slider => min + max value for slider should come from a SQL Query e.g. from 1$ to 20.45$
  • Margin => 12.45 %
  • Place => 5

When I move the slider, I would like to calculate the margin in real time and maybe show some other values as well, depending on the Slider value.

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Abu Ghufran Staff answered 2 years ago


#1) Free version is opensource at Github with GPL license and have all features we need to integrate with joomla. I’ve not used Gridbox. Perhaps you need to ask Gridbox support if they support sourcerer injected php code article.

#2) Yes, it is doable. You will need to use on_data_display event to split it in array columns. And on_update event to merge columns again for destination field and unset rest fields. Events are supported in full version.

#3) It seems doable as well but demo is not ready now. I can research a good slider JS component and then work on it’s demo.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
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