Issue with single quote when adding record in text area

QuestionsIssue with single quote when adding record in text area
Daniel Ng asked 8 years ago


I have an issue where when I create a record for a text field, if it contains a single quote ('), it will failed to be inserted into the SQL Server Database as the quote was not escaped.

However, if I were to edit a record to have single quotes, it will update without any issue. Is there something I must configure to make the insert record operation works with the single quote?

Daniel Ng

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Abu Ghufran answered 8 years ago


I am unable to generate this issue.
It escaping properly on insert here for sqlserver.

I tested it on free/paid both.
More details would be required, e.g. exact data and screenshot.

daniel answered 8 years ago

Hi Abu,

Thanks for trying. I am using the Free version. Can I confirm when you attempted the insert, you are not doing via the inline insert on the grid but with the (+) button at the bottom of the tool bar which prompted a new Add page. My issue is on the new Add page.

I wasn't sure how I can provide the screenshot
But I create an entry and on the Description field, I type "test '" and upon saving, I am getting this query error and looking a the Insert statement, it wasn't prepending the single quote with another to make the insertion to be successful.

Couldn't execute query. SQLState: 42000 Error Code: 102 Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near '2016'. SQLState: 42000 Error Code: 105 Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ')'. – INSERT INTO [CFNFRaD].[dbo].[MFT_PSEL] (Platform,Affected_Item,Description,Start_time,End_time,Resolution,Owner) VALUES ('Director','test','test '','2016-08-25','','','Daniel Ng')

Again, this issue does not happen if I were to do any do the Edit Record page but only on the Add Record Page. More insight will be helpful.

Abu Ghufran answered 8 years ago

You can email me code+screenshot at [email protected]

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