How to handle Form with session in PHP Grid

QuestionsHow to handle Form with session in PHP Grid
Khairul Alam asked 8 years ago


I have a paid subscription of PHP Grid software. I need to develop a purchase from which would include many fields. The scenario is following.

– The buyer would select a seller (seller list coming from database). The buyer can purchase more than one items from the same seller. Since it's not an ecommerce platform, there's no 'cart' functionality here. What I want to do is the keep the form value for each item in session. And finally when the buyer submits the form, data would be inserted into the Database.


Above is the basic scenario. As you can see I need to make use of Session here. But I couldn't find session related information in your documentation. Any help would be much appreciated.

Khairul Alam

2 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 8 years ago

Assalamualiakum Alam,

Please email me your order number or payment email address, i'll be sending you demo code of how to work with session data / phpgrid.

Khairul Alam answered 8 years ago

As-salamu Alaikum,

I've sent you an email.

Khairul Alam

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