How to disable formatter for Grouping footer total

QuestionsHow to disable formatter for Grouping footer total
Richard Samson asked 2 years ago


I’m using your grouping.php demo for guidance but having problems displaying my grand total.

I have a column named “percent_complete” which uses the following 2 parameters for calculating the groups average:

$col[“summaryType”] = “avg”;
$col[“summaryTpl”] = “<b>Total: {0}%</b>”;

This generates a number with a lot of decimal places, so I’ve added the following format options to this column:

$col[“formatter”] = “number”;
$col[“formatoptions”] = array( “thousandsSeparator” => “,”,”decimalSeparator” => “.”,”decimalPlaces” => 0);

However, doing this has caused my grand total to return a NaN result, I’m using the following within my filter_display function, called by event on_data_display:

$data[“params”][“userdata”] = array(“key_count”=>”Grand Total: “,”percent_complete”=>$total.”%”);

I believe the reason for the NaN is that I’m outputting the value as a string instead of a number (as per the column formatting).  If I remove the concatenated “%” from the returning value the number displayed fine, but I’d really like to include the % symbol when displaying to my users.

How can I disable the formatter for the userdata parameters, or for this specific column within the footer?

Many Thanks.

1 Answers
Abu Ghufran Staff answered 2 years ago

Use summaryRound along with number formatter:

$col = array();
$col[“title”] = “Total”;
$col[“name”] = “total”;
$col[“width”] = “50”;
$col[“editable”] = true;
$col[“formatter”] = “number”;
$col[“summaryType”] = “avg”; // available grouping fx: sum, count, min, max, avg
$col[“summaryRound”] = 2; // decimal places
$col[“summaryRoundType”] = ‘fixed’; // round or fixed
$col[“summaryTpl”] = ‘Total ${0}’; // display html for summary row – work when “groupSummary” is set true. search below
$cols[] = $col;

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
PHP Grid Framework
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