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afif asked 9 years ago

hi abu, i have problem to export image. excel and pdf file just showing image link, instead picture. thx…

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Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

Images in export format is not supported.
You can have your custom export logic and page.
Refer demos/export/export-custom.php

kim answered 9 years ago

is it possible to provide exporting as PDF EXCEL and CSV in one grid toolbar simultaneously? I am able to display the icon(text) buttons on the toolbar,
but only one function will work when clicking on each one.
"export" => true,
"export_excel" => true, // export excel button
"export_pdf" => true, // export pdf button
"export_csv" => true // export csv button

$grid["export"] = array("format" => "pdf", "filename" => "PDF Contracts", "heading" => "Test PDF Export", "range" => "filtered", "orientation" => "landscape", "paper" => "a4");
$grid["export"] = array("format" => "xsls", "filename" => "EXCEL Contracts", "heading" => "Test EXCEL Export", "sheetname" => "Contracts in EXCEL", "range" => "filtered");
$grid["export"] = array("format" => "csv", "filename" => "CSV Contracts", "heading" => "Test CSV Export", "range" => "filtered");

$e["on_render_pdf"] = array("set_pdf_format", null); //export as pdf file
$e["on_render_xls"] = array("set_xls_format", null); //export as excel file
$e["on_render_csv"] = array("set_csv_format", null); //export as csv file

function set_pdf_format($arr) {//function to PRINT PDF
$pdf = $arr["pdf"];
$data = $arr["data"];
$pdf->SetFont('helvetica', '', 8);
$pdf->SetCellWidths(array(10, 15, 10, 16, 12, 18, 15, 12, 20, 16, 20, 22, 16, 20, 18, 12, 10, 'auto'));
function set_xls_format($arr) {
$pdf = $arr["xls"];
$data = $arr["data"];

function set_csv_format($arr) {
$pdf = $arr["csv"];
$data = $arr["data"];

Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

For exporting multiple format, you only set general parameters in grid options.

$grid["export"] = array("filename"=>"my-file", "heading"=>"Export Test", "range" => "filtered");

And override the filename/headings in on_export callback handler.

$e["on_export"] = array("custom_export", null, false);

// custom on_export callback function
function custom_export($param)
$sql = $param["sql"]; // the SQL statement for export
$grid = $param["grid"]; // the complete grid object reference

if ($grid->options["export"]["format"] == "excel")
$grid->options["export"]["filename"] = 'XLS-Contracts';
$grid->options["export"]["heading"] = 'Test XLS Contracts';


Sample code available here: http://pastebin.com/iDn8PUuj

Massimo Gagliardi answered 9 years ago

To export an image with PDF I did in this mode:
1. I modified the "class.TCPDF.EasyTable" adding those 2 lines:

if (strpos($cellData, 'jpg') > 0 || strpos($cellData, 'png') > 0)
$cellData = new PDFImage(substr($cellData, strrpos($cellData, '/') + 1), substr($cellData, 0, strrpos($cellData, '/') + 1));

after this existing line (รท line number 333):
$cellWidth = $this->_GetCellWidth($cellIndex); // get the cell width

2. in the table the image must be recorded with pathname/imagename.jpg (or .png) (the pathname can be relative or absolute)

Massimo Gagliardi

Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

Thanks Massimo for the solution.

For step1, Better position of PDFImage will be at line 70, in function constructor. This will also resolve the rowHeight issue.
Code snippet: http://hastebin.com/kisejocodu.php

Massimo Gagliardi answered 9 years ago

I done.
Thank you very much for the suggestion.

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