Error on grid Load – pop up with json and no error message – PostgreSQL

QuestionsError on grid Load – pop up with json and no error message – PostgreSQL
James Davis asked 7 months ago

Just downloaded the free version to test. Using PostgreSQL and I’ve been debugging for hours and still no luck. I have the grid constructed and pulling data back from the database just fine. Unfortunately no matter what table I connect to I get the same pop up error with json and I can see the values from my table in the error but the grid will not load. I really want to buy this and need it ASAP. Please help as I cannot figure out why this is happening.

I’ve read several help articles on the forum about get the render() line above any HTML tags and I’ve verified that. I have SSL servers and even setup a non SSL server and same issue.

Error screenshot


Code sample



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James Davis answered 7 months ago

I Wanted to add in the example above the first column in my database table is a integer primary key field in PostgreSQL.  I’m guessing there might be a bug in the grid code that is not identifying this field as a primary key or something?

I’ve tested tables in public schema and in my custom schema, I’ve made sure all table names and columns are lower case letters only and still this pop-up error with no data loading in Grid.  I’ve also tried Chrome and FF and Safari with same issue.

James Davis answered 7 months ago

I solved the issue. If you look at the example code again included above I had a HTML comment line at the very top of the file even before the PHP open tag. Ughh hours of debugging to find this. So anyone else having this issue you definitely need to make sure you have no HTML or comments even before the render() PHP code.

<!– Dynamically load in header for session start and login check –>

That was the comment line that got me at top of my page. Once removed everything works as expected!

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