Marco Blom asked 9 months ago

I have tried to test the sample code but I do get the following error: Can\’t find a route for \’get: gridphp/index.php\’. I really would like to buy and use your framework to add to a Codeigniter4 project. I have added the printscreens 3 times using below links but does not seem to attach to this message? Thanks in advance

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Abu Ghufran Staff answered 9 months ago


Use following steps:

Download the archive.
Move the “lib” folder in the public folder of codeigniter
Use the attached Home.php as controller and View as default view.
Adjust the db configuration in Home.php controller.

This should be the output:

PS: This is just to log and help others. You can continue discussion on direct email.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
Abu Ghufran Staff replied 9 months ago

Here is the refered code:

Marco Blom answered 9 months ago

Great -the views are working now! Fast and efficient! Only Insert/add is not working yet…. I assume I have to add methods to the controller, but how do I know the grip picks up the corresponding method.? Thanks

Abu Ghufran Staff answered 9 months ago

By-default grid does not use CI model OR data layer functions. It generates and executes insert or update query internally. And I verified with CI4, both operations are working as expected.

To debug further, Please check the browser debug console Ctrl+Shift+C and then the network tab and locate the add ajax request. Then click on the response tab and check the actual error message.

Error details can also be checked in php error log file.

If you still wish to use the CI4 model functions for data processing, this can be done using custom events.

Abu Ghufran - Dev Team
Grid 4 PHP Framework
Marco Blom answered 9 months ago

Error: location check jquery: Do not see reason why it could found Jquery?

Abu answered 9 months ago

In the screenshots, the error and the reason is still not clear. Both does not look to be the same file. The 404 error means the url/path of inclusion is incorrect. I can help in a quick remote session if you wish.

You can message me your feasible time and timezone at [email protected].

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