display sql error in add/edit after submit

Questionsdisplay sql error in add/edit after submit
varun asked 7 years ago

How to display error message in add/edit form,if given Primary Key ID is present i want error saying 'cont add'.Is it Possible?

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Abu Ghufran answered 7 years ago

You can use phpgrid_error("Error message"); on server side.
Please refer sample editing > server validation for working demo.

shri answered 6 years ago


when user make mistake while adding record it shows error with dml query, i want to hide this, how can i do the same?

Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago

You need to set debug = 0;

$g = new jqgrid();
$g->debug = 0;

You can also change generic error message.
$g->error_msg = "Some issues occured in this operation, Contact technical support for help";

varun answered 6 years ago

Hi Abu,
Setting debug=0 wont it stop all errors from displaying?

Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago

It will replace all error messages (dml etc) with your provided error text.

If you wish to remove the error displaying dialog (which is not recommended)
you can edit jqgrid_dist.php and remove following:

// on error
$out .= ",'loadError': function(xhr,status, err) {
jQuery.jgrid.info_dialog(jQuery.jgrid.errors.errcap,'<div class="ui-state-error">'+ xhr.responseText +'</div>',

catch(e) { alert(xhr.responseText);}

Abu Ghufran answered 6 years ago

You can refer demos/ediitng/server-validation.php samle code for duplicate record check.

shri answered 6 years ago

Thx alot,

But i want to show errors on duplicate records, how to customize?
should i add in add_client ?

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