$data array changed in Phpgrid v2

Questions$data array changed in Phpgrid v2
Patricia Lawson asked 7 years ago

Using phpgrid v1, the $data array passed to a custom function when editing a record contained columns that were hidden on the grid, and hidden in the edit form.

Using phpgrid v2, the $data array no longer includes these extra columns. How can I get data from the row that is not displayed in the add/edit form?


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Abu Ghufran answered 7 years ago

You can edit lib/inc/jqgrid_dist.php and replace (2 occurrences):




We're working on this bug and will be merged on main line after qa.

Patricia Lawson answered 7 years ago

Ok, good. I was worried for a moment there…
Any ETA?

Abu Ghufran answered 7 years ago

Please see JS error console log of browser debugger (f12)
It would tell exact error details. Paste it so i can debug further.

Patricia Lawson answered 7 years ago

With the above change, Abu, when I click Submit the submit button changes color and then hangs. If I cancel and refresh my grid, the edit has occurred.
Same with Add: form hangs, but closing and refreshing the grid shows the newly added row.

Patricia Lawson answered 7 years ago

It appears I had a different problem in my grid setup that I didn't notice. I used the export=>true instead of export_excel=>true, which seems to be a change in v2. I overlooked that in this file, but now that it is corrected, I can add and edit as usual.

Thanks – all is OK now.

Patricia answered 5 years ago

It has been a while since I have seen this problem. I am using jqgrid_dist.php v2.1.2 build 20160725-0106
I changed as advised above:
Hidden columns are still not passed in the $data array.  My column looks like this:
$col = array();
$col[“name”] = “make_id”;
$col[‘hidden’] = true;
$cols[] = $col;
I need the make_id to do a db update…

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