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Hamish asked 4 years ago

Hi All,

Is there a way to use a custom function to calculate a value for the footer?

i.e. at the moment I am using this snippet from the documentation page:

function grid_onload()
var grid = $("#list1");

// sum of displayed result
avg= grid.jqGrid('getCol', 'total', false, 'avg');


// record count
c = grid.jqGrid('getCol', 'id', false, 'sum');

grid.jqGrid('footerData','set', {id: 'Total: ' + sum, invdate: 'Sub Total: '+sum_running, total: 'Grand Total: '+sum_table});

I'd like to be able to use a custom function, specifically I need to calculate an average excluding "0" values. I have to be able to calculate at runtime as the grid is filtered by the user.



2 Answers
Abu Ghufran answered 4 years ago


You can use JS functions of grid to iterate thru all rows and calculate non-zero average.
Refer this code:

amount: field
list1: grid id
id: column to add footer

Hamish answered 4 years ago

Hi Abu,

Thank you very much for your help.

I managed to use that snippet and get what I needed.



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