Zeead Tanjim asked 1 year ago


I’m running a query using the select_command. The query is as following:

SELECT o_carrier, t_carrier, attempt_calls, connected_calls, attempt_calls-failed_calls-connected_calls AS not_connected_calls, failed_calls, TO_CHAR (100.0*connected_calls /attempt_calls,’999′) AS asr, TO_CHAR (100.0*(attempt_calls – failed_calls) /attempt_calls,’999′) AS ccr, CASE WHEN connected_calls > 0 THEN ROUND (totaldur /connected_calls,2) ELSE 0 END AS acd, ROUND (totalpdd /attempt_calls, 0) AS avg_pdd, totaldur FROM (SELECT ‘BTRAC’ AS o_carrier, ‘BTRAC’ AS t_carrier, SUM (attempt_calls) AS attempt_calls, SUM(connected_calls) AS connected_calls, SUM (failed_calls) AS failed_calls, ROUND(SUM(totaldur)/60.0, 2) AS totaldur, SUM(totalpdd) AS totalpdd FROM cdr15 WHERE switchid=’SCOM1′ AND enddate_end >= ‘2022-10-01 00:00:00+06’ AND enddate_end < ‘2022-10-01 01:45:00+06′ AND ingress_carrier=’BTRAC’ AND egress_carrier=’BTRAC’) AS foo;

gridphp gives an error –¬†Couldn’t execute query. ERROR: syntax error at or near “WHERE” LINE 1. Basically, it automatically adds¬†WHERE 1=1 LIMIT 1 OFFSET 0 in the end. How do I fix this issue?

FYI, I’m trying the free version to check if it suits my needs or not.


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