Collect Login Form information/User Attributes and use to connect to correct DB

QuestionsCollect Login Form information/User Attributes and use to connect to correct DB
Tony Wolsey asked 5 years ago

Hi Abu

I am using your simple authentication login code and it works great. I am curious if there is some simple way I can collect additional information from the user (during login) and then use that additional information collected to automatically select the correct login attributes (via variables??) and connect to the right database.  I have multiple databases that are identical but used for different projects and clients so I don’t want to copy the same PHP files each time I copy the db for another project/client.

This will allow me to use one set of PHP files regardless of the database they need to connect to.  I apologize if this question is outside the scope of your product.

If this question is beyond the intent of PHPGRID, can you please let me know of another simple PHP User Management Login system that allows me to to assign login attributes to a particular user so when the user logs in, the same PHP files can be used to connect to separate yet similar databases.  I have found many PHP User Management Login/Authentication scripts but none of them have the ability to assign user attributes. Your help is much appreciated.

thank you


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