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Kitt Parker asked 1 month ago

So I see the cke editor on the demo page.  In the documents it seems to never be mentioned.  Are there docs on how to enable it?

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Kitt Parker answered 4 weeks ago

I was able to get ckeditor to render with a

$col["editoptions"]["dataInit"] = "function(o){CKEDITOR.replace(;}";

However, submission loses the data in the transfer.
Abu answered 4 weeks ago

You can disable posted data sanitization and check again.

$opt[“sanitize”] = false;
// …

Kitt Parker answered 4 weeks ago

That causes the old value to show up in the transfer, but not the updated data.

Kitt Parker answered 4 weeks ago

It appears there is not an easy answer here?  Probably shouldn’t be on the site as part of the sales pitch.  No documentation and the ckeditor usage indicates you should just be able to replace and the element will still be passed in the post.  This not working suggests that php grid is doing something unique of which you have to be aware to get functioning.

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