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Massimo Gagliardi asked 9 years ago

How to focus row with arrow keys Up and Down (same as single mouse click)?
Thanks in advance

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Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

Latest build have this function. Only works when multiselect is false.

You can edit jqgrid_dist.php and edit following:

<?php if ($this->options["resizable"] === true) { ?>
jQuery("#<?php echo $grid_id?>").jqGrid('gridResize',{});
<?php } ?>

// bind arrow keys navigation <———————————– add following
jQuery("#<?php echo $grid_id?>").jqGrid('bindKeys');

Massimo Gagliardi answered 9 years ago

Abu, thank you.
This is perfect, but to open the edit dialog, after selecting the line with the arrow keys, is possible to use the "enter" key? and how?
Thanks in advance
Massimo Gagliardi

Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

You can enable inline edit, but dialog edit is having some issues with onEnter event.

jQuery("#<?php echo $grid_id?>").jqGrid('bindKeys',{'onEnter':function(rowid){ jQuery("tr.jqgrow[id="+rowid+"]").dblclick(); } });

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