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Kristopher Baker asked 10 years ago

I found a bug in the in-line search. I have a custom query for the table inner joining two tables, both have a column named "name". When the in-line search attempts to build the query, it errors because of an ambiguous column name. Has anyone run across this before?

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Kristopher Baker answered 10 years ago

I found the line of code that causes the error. It looks like the $field variable is just the column name and not the table + column. I don't know if there is a way to pass the table and then concat the two??

$qwery .= "LOWER($field)".$qopers[$op]." LOWER(".$v.")";

Kristopher Baker answered 10 years ago

Also, I found that if you use the select_command and use the select * from (MY STATEMENT) as o, this breaks the in-line search. It doesn't have the proper format for sql. I had to go through and take those out.

Abu Ghufran answered 10 years ago


All you need is to use following with column definition. This will resolve the name conflict for searching.


Kristopher Baker answered 10 years ago

Ok, so that would require me to setup the columns manually and not use the auto-populate option, like I am currently using. I will give it a try.

Abu Ghufran answered 10 years ago

Yes, it is not doable with auto-populate option. You have to go manual way.

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