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Jim asked 9 years ago

I have a table with one field that has the filename of an image.jpg that is held in a path on the server. I would like to display a thumbnail of the image in the grid.

I could name the thumbnail with the id of the record +.jpg.

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?

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Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

For such case, you need to define column with custom html as formatter.

$col = array();
$col["title"] = "Logo";
$col["name"] = "logo";
$col["width"] = "40";
$col["align"] = "center";
$col["search"] = false;
$col["sortable"] = false;
$col["default"] = "<img height=25 src='{image_name}.png'>";
$cols[] = $col;

{image_name} in default, need that there is another column defined with this name.

Alternate option is, if you db contains complete URL of image or you can concat it in custom SQL, you can use this

$col["formatter"] = "image"; // format as image — if data is image url e.g. http://<domain>/test.jpg
$col["formatoptions"] = array("width"=>'20',"height"=>'30'); // image width / height etc


Jim answered 9 years ago

That works way to easy…

I renamed the images to the id field of the table and was able to use this:

$col["link"] = "detail.php?id={id}";
$col["linkoptions"] = "target='_self'";
$col["default"] = "<img height=35 src='images/{id}.jpg'>";

as you can see you can still have the image clickable with the linkoptions set.

Very nice grid, thanks for all your hard work on it.


Abu Ghufran answered 9 years ago

Thanks, and let me know in case of further support or wishlist.

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